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All it takes is time, practise, and an open mind

Yoga is not a miracle cure but with patience, regular practise and an open mind it can and will improve your life for the better. The unique benefit of a regular practice is that it does not only make your body stronger, more flexible and less restless but your mind too. This is why, while getting started might be difficult, stopping is impossible.

Autumn Retreat in Denmark 4-6 Oct.

ClassPass Reviews from Slice  Studios, Parsons Green

Mette Treppendahl (private client)

"Signe's yoga class is the highlight of my week, a small mental get-away from a busy schedule. She guides you through the art of yoga with great competence always making sure you are challenged. I always feel more energised and positive after a class - try it!"



Private and group classes in meeting rooms, private homes and everything in between.

For happy, healthy employees


Whenever and wherever (in SW London)




Signe Hansen

I know it sounds a bit grand, but I truly believe yoga can make the world a better place. I believe it does this by helping us connect to the best in us, our universal self free of damage." That's why I often finish my classes by saying "may the goodness of yoga spread through the goodness of you and may the goodness of you spread through the goodness of yoga."


This was, however, not my reason for starting my own yoga journey more than 15 years ago - that was all about the physical wellbeing yoga gave me. But eight years ago, when back and knee pain prevented me from doing other high intensity sports and I, by the luck of fate, encountered the first of my mentors, yoga became more than just a weekly stretching session. Slowly, it became an essential part of my life, a way to deal with stress, make new friends and nurture my body and mind. It transformed my approach to both as I, encouraged by a number of brilliant teachers, learned to accept their limits, use their strengths and (almost wholeheartedly) love both.
Today, I practise a wide range of yoga styles including Ashtanga, Dharma, Rocket, Power and, Yin Yoga. I also practise and teach mindfulness meditation


My main goal as a yoga instructor is to help spread the benefits of yoga in my local community and make yoga accessible to everyone. Hence I teach classes everywhere - studios, gyms, homeless centres, living rooms, schools and local businesses.

I’m a 300 hr qualified yoga instructor trained with the Power Yoga Company in Fulham and the insight Yoga Institute  and an insured member of the Yoga Alliance.